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What's Tokyo ROUGE?


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 Tokyo Rouge as a revue show group is originated at a long-established theater Shinjuku Space 107 since March, 2006. The group is led by Hiroko Tanaka who is a choreographer

and dancer shining at TV, theater and music concert. Tokyo Rouge consists of some brilliant dancers and singers. From the year 2007, the group has been working with metteur en scene Michinori Kubota, and has released the original recording songs.

The show deals a central theme as both the life of lady living in Tokyo and the matters what stands for “Now”. The show is inspired by Moulin Rouge which is best known as the spiritual birthplace of the modern form of the can-can dance, but is bringing “Revue” which deals social satires, and the show has a high originality with high level performance of both singing and dancing which you will be attracted!!Tokyo Rouge achieved some successful outcomes at the show stage which was performed at Tokyo and New York. The group has a strong mission to hand the revue show on to the next generation, and will try to expand the new entertainment possibility to the wide audience.



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